The Veksler Ballet Company

This new year of 2017 are bringing in much excitement and opportunity for our dancers. We are making exciting plans to enhance the growth, caliber and learning experience for our dancers here at Veksler Academy.

We are happy to announce our school will be starting a new performance program "Veksler Ballet Company", which has the aim to be recognized as one of the finest youth performing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and our renowned faculty will be working hard to train these dancers to build an exceptional performance company. We are looking forward to having our company dancers entertain, engage and inspire young audiences to follow their pursuit of passion and dreams to dance. As The Veksler Ballet Company member, your child will be training alongside a fine group of dedicated, talented and highly motivated young people.

The Veksler Ballet Company members will have an expanded dance schedule which will require them to train and rehearse outside of their regular classes. Additional rehearsals will be mandatory during performance season to ensure they are ready for their performances. Our VBC dancers will be studying and training with renowned teachers to achieve highest level of technical proficiency and artistic expressiveness. Please stay tuned for our VBC rehearsal schedule.

We are very pleased to invite your child to join Veksler Ballet Company under training by the renowned master teacher Ms. Shan-Yee Poon, who was trained at the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London. She founded her own school 27 years ago, now she is joining force with Veksler Academy and will contribute her passion, talent and experience to students in our school. Ms Poon's teaching exemplifies traditional values of manners, respect and self-discipline, while instilling in children a love for dancing and discovering their potential for excellence.

In addition to be featured in our Annual Dance Show, students from Ballet Company will have many performance opportunities at the community events such as at Great America’s Dance Days, sjDanceCo festival, Christmas in The Park, and at Senior Living Centers. We are also planning in the nearest future to deliver a performance along with our VIP Dance Company at Disneyland.



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